EXPANDED Early Baby Development & Stimulation Program


The preparation for baby’s cognitive and physical development can start as early as the day they are born. With appropriate baby stimulation and developmental tools and activities, you can get a head-start in the process of your child’s school readiness, academic career and beyond. We have a program approved by Medical Professionals to support the development of your baby in this exciting box filled with goodies to awaken the visual, auditory, tactile and vestibular senses 💕

Our Early Baby development programs and toolboxes are so popular amongst Babies and Parents everywhere. All our products are handmade with love in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Babies can benefit so much from sensory play. Sensory play stimulates any of your child’s senses and developed their brain while influencing how your child learns about the world.

All our products are especially designed to support your little one in mental, physical and emotional development. Come and play with us 🙂

Please note that all our products are especially made to order. Our lead time is 6-8 working days, after which they will be shipped. We are very grateful for your order as you are supporting a seamstress and her small business.




The Expanded Early Baby Development & Stimulation Program is designed to assist in cognitive, emotional and physical development and bonding between parent and baby. The box, with its activities, is recommended to be used from when baby is 8 weeks old.


What’s in the box:

The box includes 18 item that are uniquely designed. Most tools are hand-crafted and all tools are used to assist in baby’s cognitive, emotional and physical development. In addition,  the activities are developed to facilitate connection between you and baby.

These tools include the following:

5 x Visual stimulation cards with 10 images in total for Visual Stimulation.

100ml tub of Bubbles for Visual Development and fun.

Standing Mirror for Visual and Gross (large) Motor development, as well as an aid for tummy time.

A hand made 100% Cotton Peekaboo Cloth for Object Permanence and Visual Development.

A bespoke Bell, Bauble and Roll to learn Object Permanence.

3 x handmade Finger Puppets for Visual (sight), and Tactile (touch) development through tracking, object identification and verbal play.

Massage Ball for Tactile stimulation.

One hand made Cellophane Scrunchie for Cause-and-Effect development.

One Netlon included. Put the tissue paper that formed part of the packaging in the Netlon and tie the ribbons on both ends to make another Scrunchie with a different sound.

A bespoke handmade Ribbon Glove for Tactile and Visual development as well as Desensitisation.

Paint Brush for Tactile or touch development.

Roller for Hand Eye Coordination, and Tactile development.

Feather Ball for Visual Stimulation, Hand-Eye coordination and Tactile development.

Pasta Bulb Shaker for auditory (hearing), visual (Sight) and gross (large) motor development.

A small Ball for Fine (small) motor as well as Auditory (hearing) and Visual (sight) development.

A handmade Teether for Hand-Eye coordination, Visual development and Soothing.

Thank You Card with a Visual stimulation image on the back.

Membership to BetterMom’s Members portal. This includes video demonstrations, a manual of each tool, and other fun resources to support your development and connection journey. In addition, we include example programs you can combine when using the tools with your baby.

Important notice

Please allow 6-8 working days for shipping as most items in the Expanded Early Baby Development & Stimulation Program and toolbox is bespoke, hand crafted items, which are made to order. Furthermore, we create jobs for local artisans in aid of their small businesses. We therefore value the delivery of a unique and exciting experience within each and every box for you and your little one.

NB – The aim is to supply the product as photographed, yet stock availability is dependent on some suppliers, which is out of our control.

Our SnuggleSense© range is also especially designed to support your little one in mental, physical and emotional development. Come and play with us 🙂

Because every box’s components are handmade, some shape and appearance variations may occur.

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